Pro Corda: Adult Piano Weekend

name of school/course: Pro Corda: Adult Piano Weekend
type of course:
start date: 12/06/2020
end date: 14/06/2020
address: Leiston Abbey, Suffolk, UK
audition or audio/video recording required?: no
standard of playing: any, beginner, intermediate, advanced
£434 including all tuition and full board accommodation. £376 non full board participant.

Pro Corda’s Adult Piano course is an opportunity for pianists of all abilities and allows participants to explore the wonders of piano repertoire, develop skills, play duets, work on posture and enjoy evening recitals. The perfect weekend for piano lovers and their families.

The course includes:

A chance to explore new music & develop piano technique.

Improvisation classes and piano duet sessions.

Sessions with a top personal trainer focusing on relaxation and posture.

A chance to perform in concerts and a special champagne and jazz evening