Flow: Alexander Technique for Musicians

Flow: Alexander Technique for Musicians
name of school/course: Flow: Alexander Technique for Musicians
type of course:
names of professors: Selma Gokcen, Judith Kleinman, Peter Buckoke
start date: 02/09/2019
end date: 08/09/2019
address: Tereglio, Italy
audition required?: no
standard of playing: beginner, intermediate, advanced, college student, graduate/professional
Course Fee £400
Course Fee and Full Board (including lunch) with shared room: £775
Course Fee and Full Board (including lunch) with single room: £950

Some musicians say there are two instruments involved when we play music.

So we need to learn about our first instrument—ourselves— then we can grow our practice with our musical instrument with a sense of adventure, exploring from many angles. We benefit hugely from developing our self-awareness and attention in movement, both inwardly and outwardly, and especially in our daily work.

The Alexander Technique offers a foundation for learning that underpins playing, singing, teaching and performing. In this week-long event, we’ll explore various ways to make practice creative, enjoyable and efficient, identifying restricting habits. We’ll look at how our manner of working influences how we think and feel in performance. Smart practice harmonises with our structure, the way we are made to move, see and hear. Powerful performance comes about through the experience of intelligent practice.

Join us for this multi-faceted exploration of the Alexander Technique taking place in the charming medieval village of Tereglio, located in the magnificent Tuscan Alps, where the pure air, the beautiful food, the mountains and the trees help us to bring our music to life.