Cello Dynamo and Cello Dynamites

name of school/course: Cello Dynamo and Cello Dynamites
names of professors: Alexander Baillie, David Burrowes (Dynamo course director), Michal Kaznowski, Joely Koos and Annelies Scott (Dynamites course director)
start date: 27/08/2019
end date: 31/08/2019
address: Bramley, Surrey
audition required?: no
standard of playing: intermediate, advanced, college student, graduate/professional
ages: Dynamo 14-postgraduate+, Dynamites 8-16
cost: £675 including full board

Exciting, motivational residential courses for student cellists: masterclasses, technical workshops, cello orchestra, cello chamber ensembles, performance opportunities, social events
Cello Dynamo – minimum standard Grade 7 – for student cellists aged 14 to post-graduate+
Cello Dynamites – minimum standard Grade 3 – for student cellists aged 8-16