Cello Dynamo and Cello Dynamites

Cello Dynamo and Cello Dynamites
Alexander Baillie, David Burrowes (Dynamo course director), Michal Kaznowski, Joely Koos and Annelies Scott (Dynamites course director)
Bramley, Surrey
intermediate, advanced, college student, graduate/professional
ages: Dynamo 14-postgraduate+, Dynamites 8-16
cost: £675 including full board

Exciting, motivational residential courses for student cellists: masterclasses, technical workshops, cello orchestra, cello chamber ensembles, performance opportunities, social events
Cello Dynamo – minimum standard Grade 7 – for student cellists aged 14 to post-graduate+
Cello Dynamites – minimum standard Grade 3 – for student cellists aged 8-16