Benslow Music Baroque Buffet: Baroque on Modern Instruments

name of school/course: Benslow Music Baroque Buffet: Baroque on Modern Instruments
type of course: ,
names of professors: Julia Bishop, Sophie Middleditch, Julian Perkins
start date: 12/08/2019
end date: 15/08/2019
address: Hitchin, Hertfordshire, UK
audition required?: no
standard of playing: intermediate, advanced
Resident: £400 Non-Resident: £305
Any applications from those under the age of 18 should be discussed with us before booking to ensure that adequate safeguarding proceedures are in place. Guests under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
Guests under 27 are entitled to a 25% discount on basic course fees (this reduction does not apply to room supplements). Bursaries are available to those individuals (normally, but not always, aged between 18-25 years old) who can demonstrate need for financial assistance to enable them to attend our courses.

Come and explore the mouth-watering temptations of the ‘Baroque Buffet’, sampling delicious repertoire for permutations of strings and wind, and finding out about ‘le bon goût’ along the way! This is your chance to explore drama, affect, rhetoric, exuberance, good manners (and possibly bad), passion and daring…to name but a few characteristics of this extraordinary period of music and artistic history. Stimulate your musical taste buds through fleeting encounters with strangers or old friends guided by our tutors. This is guaranteed to be fun, challenging and hopefully satiating! There will be an emphasis on small ensembles (preformed groups are welcome) as well as a mixture of orchestral coaching.