Benslow Music: An Introduction to Wind Chamber Music

name of school/course: Benslow Music: An Introduction to Wind Chamber Music
type of course:
instrument: , , ,
names of professors: Tricia Melville-Mason, Trona Melville-Mason
start date: 12/07/2019
end date: 14/07/2019
address: Hitchin, Hertfordshire, UK
audition required?: no
standard of playing: intermediate
Resident: £280 Non-Resident: £205
Any applications from those under the age of 18 should be discussed with us before booking to ensure that adequate safeguarding proceedures are in place. Guests under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
Guests under 27 are entitled to a 25% discount on basic course fees (this reduction does not apply to room supplements). Bursaries are available to those individuals (normally, but not always, aged between 18-25 years old) who can demonstrate need for financial assistance to enable them to attend our courses.

Intended for players of flute, oboe, clarinet and bassoon, this course provides opportunities to enjoy making music in large groups and smaller, one-to-a-part ensembles. Repertoire will be a mixture of classical and traditional pieces, specially arranged to help players develop confidence in holding an independent musical line. Players should be approximately Grade 3 – 5 standard and will be expected to cope with a certain amount of sight-reading. Be prepared for a light-hearted approach – award-winning tutors Tricia and Trona believe that a relaxed, happy atmosphere promotes effective learning. Practice copies for some of the large group material will be made available on request.